Monday, February 20, 2012

food from Lebanon increasingly popular in Indonesia

Foreign Franchise in the food sector may have proliferated in this country, ranging from fast food from the land of Uncle Sam, United States, the Middle East to the neighboring countries of the continent of Asia fellow. Of the many different flavors of the cuisine abroad, probably not many people know, when the dishes from the Middle East, rather than the Lebanese state also has a lot of rage in this country, more than four years offered by the Lebanese Kebab fastfood restaurant franchisee. Haykel Holic Alamoudi, Indonesia native son who is also the owner of the Kebab Lebanese, it has the incentive to introduce Lebanese cuisine and even has difranchisekan. Manariknya, Lebanese partners has grown up to Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara. According Haykel, Lebanese cuisine does have a flavor that makes each of its customers have always wanted to try it again. "Food Lebanon has its own unique traits ranging from bread and meat and spices that are special racik so much taste. So when people try to imagine the meat would always imagine more so want to try it again, "said Haykel to yesterday. Haykel said franchise outlets Kebab Lebanese have spread in some areas, such as in Tangerang, Cileduk, Bandung, Lombok, Cibubur, Denpasar and will open new outlets in Jakarta. Of the 13 outlets Lebanese, there are three outlets owned by Temple himself and the rest franchisee-owned outlets. And for 2009, aims to increase the number of Haykel franchiseenya to 10 franchisees. "I do not want to rush to add partners, batasin I used to be, an important Lebanese still exist," he concluded. For the next stage, Haykel Café plans to offer a concept that will also difranchisekan. "It's still under construction at the grand opening Grogol possible after Lebaran" he said. (Alan Jehunat /

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