Monday, March 5, 2012

British food

Fish and Chips is a typical British diet consisting of French fries and
fried fish wrapped in fresh flour and serve while still hot. This dish is served without the addition of any spices, fresh alias. Even if there are ingredients that are always waiters offer, it's just vinegar seasoning. Also, it can also use vinegar. Vinegar is a vinegar substitute here are generally made by fermentation of apples. When serving, 1 serving size is usually quite large, or many. Fish and Chips made from flesh fish cod or haddock white color of the palm of the hand with a piece of potato chips.

British food such as the Sunday roast beef, lamb or chicken served with assorted steamed vegetables, Yorkshire pudding, Apple pie that has been consumed since the Middle Ages. Consumed a variety of meat pies such as steak and kidney pie, shepherd's pie, cottage pie, Cornish pies and pork pies (pork pie) is consumed cold. Several types of cheddar cheese that is popular and wenslevdale.

The English are very careful in choosing the food they eat. Not all the food they enjoy.They're afraid of all sorts of "chemical substances" include acetic acid or vinegar in Indonesia, also minimize the consumption of sodium
Chloride, aka table salt and sugar. It also appears from advertisements
the food here is touting that the food is low
salt content, sugar free and low fat of course.

Britons may adhere to the principle "not all food should be
eat ", but the food is obvious origins. There should be
certain food ingredients. Or it could also have a guarantee
clarity of the author. Therefore, the term is usually more Home Made Cake
behavior to be divided as any celebration cake.

Home made here can be interpreted that the food is made with my knowledge or foods made by people we know. Even if there are foods that are made by the factory, they carefully look at the descriptions of food packaging. For example, comes from nowhere and factories that produce them. If they do not know which factory is producing and import goods, they usually prefer not to eat it.

However, for most foods in the UK tend to be acidic, especially citrus fruits like mangoes, grapes, apples are more acidic than sweet. Sweet fruits are usually cooked it sold for less. Meanwhile, prices of fresh vegetables in the UK always labih expensive than canned or processed foods.

Almost all food crops is imported from various countries. Fresh fruits, especially coming from Spain, France and Brazil. Cheap rice from America and rice are a bit more expensive but good coming from

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